Many people contributed to this project in its early days. We would like to especially thank the following individuals and organizations whose support was critical in producing the premiere concert and the Compact Disc:

From the University of Massachusetts Lowell: Jeffrey Fischer, Juanita Tsu, Coleman Rogers, Bill Carman, Barbara Nolan, Jeff Bodwell, Elaine Hays Keough, Mitch Shuldman, Keith Jones, Dr. William Moylan, Wayne Cochrane, all of the members of the Percussion Ensemble, and our intrepid piano, stage, lighting, and sound crews

From G. Schirmer: William J. Holab (emeritus), Susan Feder, Richard Brundage, David Flachs

From the MIT Media Lab: Tod Machover, Chad Brustin and Teresa Marrin (emeriti)

From the piano manufacturing and retailing community: Richard Giglio (Boston Organ & Piano), Jim Hamilton (Piano Mill), Cecil Ramirez (Pianodisc), Barnabas Fekéte (Baldwin/QRS)

From the player piano community: Dr. Juergen Hocker, Rex Lawson, Trimpin, Denis Hall, Dorothy Bromage

And: Tim Tully, Miles Green, Susan Key (American Mavericks Festival), George Boziwick (New York Public Library for the Performing Arts), Joseph Crane (Lesley College), Raymond DesRoches (New Jersey Percussion Ensemble), Gordon Gottlieb (New York Philharmonic), George McGuire (editor), Howard Woolf and John McDonald (Tufts University), Charles Tobermann (composer and tour guide), Linda Whitesitt (author and teacher), Jonathan Wyner (M-Works), Yehudi Wyner (Brandeis University), Tony Hoover (Cavanaugh-Tocci), Joel Chadabe (Electronic Music Foundation)

And for help above and beyond the call of duty:

Charles Amirkhanian
(Other Minds)
George Litterst
(author, teacher, consultant)
Michael Bates

The Ballet Mécanique research project was a thesis for a Master's degree
in Independent Study/Music Performance Technology,
from Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
If you are interested in a copy of the thesis
for academic purposes, please contact Paul Lehrman.

Corporate and non-profit Helpers

These companies and organizations donated equipment and/or services to the Ballet Mécanique project and its performances. We are grateful to all of them.

Boston Organ & Piano
Apogee Electronics

Tape Services Incorporated


House Ear Institute
Parsons Audio


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